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Tim Corcoran, Author and Photographer

I was raised with Nature as the most powerful presence in my life. I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley of California. At that time in my childhood these areas were mostly wild lands and orchards and creeks. I had three mentors who guided me through the skills of living with the land. I was truly lucky to grow up in such a beautiful area. My deep connection to the land from such a young age grew into a deep seated appreciation for the beauty of Nature.

At the age of 12, my father gave me his Kodak 35mm camera and a handheld light meter. I began to take photographs and right away I knew photography was the way for me to express my love of Nature. I was hooked on photography.

Also, around that time, the Sierra Club began to produce color photography books which, for their time, were very beautiful. The books also were done on specific areas in order to inspire people to work to save those places. One book really inspired me. It was photographed by Elliot Porter and was called “The Place No One Knew”. It showed Glen Canyon in Utah and Arizona, as it was before it was dammed and filled with water from the mighty Colorado River. I had known some of these canyons as a young boy through my uncle who took me to some of these places. I learned the power of photography to make change and to not let us forget what we’ve lost.

Tim and Eagle, Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

I have been a serious amateur and professional photographer my entire life; it’s my greatest love.

I now live in Mt. Shasta, California, and have a photography gallery in town. This is a photographer’s dream place to live. Photography continues to be at the center of all I do in my life.