Tim CorcoranPhotography

Santa Cruz and the Central Coast - A Photographic Celebration of Time and Place

Santa Cruz Sunset Photograph

My love affair with Santa Cruz and the central coast started when I was six years old. My father used to take me to the north coast beaches to fish off the Davenport cliffs. He also loved the redwood parks and we hiked many trails through the giant trees. My father was very quite; so much of my time was spent in silence, just letting the land and sea come into me. My mother loved the beach and sunbathing. She would take me to the beach at the boardwalk. We'd often rent a small place in the beach flats and stay much of the summer. She'd sunbathe and I'd explore endlessly. My father and mother are gone now to the other world, but those early years built a solid foundation of love and respect for the central coast.

The central coast was a dream place for a nature loving kid. I became a photographer at twelve years old. I began in earnest to document through photography the beauty of this wonderful meeting of ocean and land. This book is my dream through my art to share my love and wonderment with the central coast. I dreamed of this book at twelve years old while at Franklin Point. I lived in Santa Cruz for 30 years. I worked to make a living and I worked to save the land. I played endlessly with the land. I found love and great friendships. The meeting of sea and land at this place called the central coast is in my blood and always will be. This book is a chance for me to express my gratitude to this place for shaping my life. This book is my thank you, this book is my celebration.

As a photographer I've focused my attention on a few places in nature that I feel are profoundly beautiful and spiritual. Places that awaken the heart and fill the soul. Places like Mount Shasta, California where I live now. Places like southern Utah, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, all over California, Kauai, Hawaii and all beautiful places I've traveled. These places will find their own book of photography and gratitude in the future.

I hope this book reminds people of what a treasure we have and more people will go into it and find inspiration and heart. I hope it brings out the dreamer and I hope the dreamer dreams of ways to protect what we have and bring back what we've lost. It's not enough to love a place. In today's world, we must do more. It's our birthright to be born to the sea and land. In claiming that right, in drinking in all the land and sea gives us, we must find time and a way to protect our land. In this modern world, it is our obligation to serve our land. Go out and find your place in this place called the central coast. In working to care take our land, we will be fulfilling one of our life's purposes. We humans are born to be earth caretakers. In the caretaking our, troubles will drift away and our dreams will come true. I am honored and blessed to share this world.

Tim Corcoran