Tim CorcoranPhotography

By Tim Corcoran

Santa Cruz and the Central Coast - A Photographic Celebration of Time and Place

Santa Cruz Sunset Photograph

As a young child, Tim Corcoran developed a deep connection to the land and sea throughout California's central coast. The central coast was his playground. At the age of twelve, he conceived the idea of an art book that would celebrate and give thanks to the region that was such an important source of his inspiration.

Santa Cruz and the Central Coast is the realization of this idea - a realization of a dream. Tim hopes that it will inspire others to seek out the the beauty in the regions that they live, so that they, too, will be inspired to protect and save the land.

The Hummingbird

Wildflowers and Backlight

I was at Wheeler Peak in Nevada to photograph Bristlecone Pines. As I was hiking to the trees on the mountain I noticed some beautiful Columbine flowers along a creek. The light was perfect; overcast and no wind. I sat in the flower patch and lost all sense of time. I was the flower patch and it was me. Moments like this happen often for the Nature photographer. It’s what we love so much in loosing ourselves in the moment. When we are in that moment, there is no time - no future, no past, just the moment.


Mount Shasta Black Butte Reflection, Mount Shasta, CA

Let the Great Mountain come into you,

    Through your eyes
    Through your breath
    Through your ears
    Through you touch.

Go to the mountain and sit quietly within its embrace as your troubles drift away.

    Tim Corcoran

Light and the Photographer

Scarlet Night, Lava Beds National Monument, CA

A truly great nature photograph captures the image that visually shows the beauty and majesty of the moment it was taken in the natural world. Light is the greatest teacher. How it plays with the physical surfaces of objects – be it light on a mountain in the distance after a storm or on a flower petal – is the lesson a nature photographer must learn and focus on in order to take a great picture.