Tim CorcoranPhotography

The Shasta Photo Project

Blue Sky Reflection, Mount Shasta, CA

Mount Shasta is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. People from all over the world make pilgrimages to Mt. Shasta. As a nature photographer, I feel very lucky to live at the foot of this amazing mountain.

Mt Shasta the Beautiful, is a celebration of that beauty through my eyes and my camera lens, and is part of the Mt. Shasta Photo Project. The project will become a photographic documentation of Mt. Shasta and its surrounding area. My hope is to build a photographic archive and gallery using my photographs and other photographer’s pictures. I would like to produce many more books, and one day have a large gallery in Mt. Shasta city to promote more awareness of this amazing mountain.

Photography helps us to appreciate more deeply what we have, hopefully never forgetting. When we forget we tend to destroy our environment, often regretting our actions later. Photographs can remind us of what we lost or help our awareness of what we have remaining so we are more willing to protect and preserve. Photography has greatly helped to create many of our National Parks and preserves. It has been used by many conservation groups to build awareness and support of our precious wild lands. Photography has helped us to remember what we have lost and can help us bring back lands to good natural health. I dream one day of removing dams on the Klamath River and bringing it back to its natural size and health. I dream of preserving our forests, creeks and meadows for future generations and all the beings that live on this great land.

As the human population grows into the future with more demand for our water, trees and land, I hope this project will help us to be wise stewards. I will work very hard for the rest of my years to build this photographic archive and to establish a large gallery in Mt. Shasta. I am hoping for it to become a local destination for all lovers of our beautiful mountain and surrounding land. My wish is for it to be a place our community can come together and celebrate our mountain and work to preserve it for future generations.

-- Tim Corcoran