Tim CorcoranPhotography

The Hummingbird

Wildflowers and Backlight

I was at Wheeler Peak in Nevada to photograph Bristlecone Pines. As I was hiking to the trees on the mountain I noticed some beautiful Columbine flowers along a creek. The light was perfect; overcast and no wind. I sat in the flower patch and lost all sense of time. I was the flower patch and it was me. Moments like this happen often for the Nature photographer. It’s what we love so much in loosing ourselves in the moment. When we are in that moment, there is no time - no future, no past, just the moment. As I was shooting one very beautiful flower with my macro lens, a hummingbird flew into my viewfinder. It stayed on the flower for what seemed like an eternity and then it was gone. I was so surprised by the bird that I didn’t even take the photograph, which would have been amazing. Such is the life of a Nature photographer.

Tim Corcoran