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Indigenous Cultures used to send boys, between the ages of 12 and 13 on a vision quest to find the dream that would become their life. 

When I was twelve, I began a three month Rites of Passage adventure through 35 states with my mentor Bo Amroth.

This journey was to inform the rest of my life. 

Around that time, my father gave me his 35 mm Kodak Camera and a light meter, which was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

I have since realized that photography is for me a doorway into a deeper connection with Nature.

I have taken thousands of pictures, capturing sacred moments with animals, at sunrise and sunset, and in places as varied as mountains, deserts and oceans.

As I developed my skills as a photographer I decided to work with color film so that I could document places in nature that were quickly being destroyed. I have committed to help protect what precious resources we have, by showing people what could be lost.

Tim's photos are available for private viewing at his gallery in Mount Shasta. If you are interested in a private viewing, or you would like to purchase an archival print or a photo book, please call Tim at:


Or e-mail him:

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